Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove

A tropical haven of luxury and vibrant living.

Welcome to Coconut Grove

A tropical haven of luxury and vibrant living.
Welcome to Coconut Grove, where serenity intertwines effortlessly with vibrancy to create a uniquely enchanting neighborhood. Here, in the heart of Miami, is a haven where growth flourishes alongside tranquil avenues and where every step is accompanied by the rhythmic beats of captivating entertainment. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a neighborhood that prides itself as being a walking paradise, inviting you to stroll through its charming and hip environs, ensuring every adventure is gracefully adorned with the fine touch of luxurious spontaneity.
In the embrace of Coconut Grove, life blooms with an exciting abundance, where contemporary flair dances with tradition, manifesting an atmosphere that resonates with dynamism and peace. It’s a place where each corner has its own tale of growth and a unique allure that keeps the spirit forever entertained and engaged, thus confirming the neighborhood’s place as a blossoming jewel in the crown of Miami.

What to Love

  • Nestled near premier educational institutions
  • A delightful abundance of dining havens
  • Breathtaking proximity to the ocean's embrace

Local Lifestyle

In the embrace of Coconut Grove’s lifestyle, variety spices up every experience, especially when it comes to culinary explorations. A diverse palate of dining options sketches the neighborhood’s culinary canvas, ensuring that each meal transcends the ordinary, transporting you to a realm of exquisite tastes and enchanting aromas. Here, local life is a delightful soiree of various cultures and styles, each adding a distinctive brush stroke to the neighborhood's vibrant social tapestry.

Dining and Entertainment

Embark on a culinary odyssey at places like Koko, where the atmosphere reverberates with energetic vibrance, and every encounter is a festival of exquisite tastes and delightful presentations. Such establishments make sure that your every visit is a carnival of unforgettable experiences, with live music and cocktails that serenade your senses with creative brilliance.
Next, step into a universe where elegance meets a lively spirit at Cocowalk. Here, architecture gracefully dances with nature and commerce, creating an ambiance where every moment spent is a cherishable memory. From fashion boutiques that celebrate trendy elegance to dining spots that promise an explosion of delightful flavors, Cocowalk is an oasis where luxury and leisure stroll hand in hand.
Dive deeper into Coconut Grove’s culinary theatre with places like Bellini and Los Felix, where Italian finesse and Mexican vibrancy paint the town with the colors of their rich cultural tapestries. Each establishment, like a culinary artist, crafts experiences that echo with authenticity and resonate with the vibrance of the cultures they represent.

Things to Do

Experience the freshness and authenticity at the weekly farmers market, where each product tells a tale of nature’s bounty. It’s a delightful canvas where the vibrant colors and aromas of fresh produce artistically intermingle with the charming local vibes, creating a scene of delightful community engagement and cultural richness.
Then, step into the enchanting realms of creativity at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Here, the air breathes the vibrancy of artistic expression, and every direction leads to an exploration of cultural richness and creative imagination. It’s a festival where the community’s heart beats in harmony with the rhythms of art and creativity.


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Overview for Coconut Grove, FL

454 people live in Coconut Grove, where the median age is 44 and the average individual income is $65,420. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Total Population

44 years

Median Age


Population Density Population Density This is the number of people per square mile in a neighborhood.


Average individual Income

Demographics and Employment Data for Coconut Grove, FL

Coconut Grove has 182 households, with an average household size of 3. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Here’s what the people living in Coconut Grove do for work — and how long it takes them to get there. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. 454 people call Coconut Grove home. The population density is 9,986.325 and the largest age group is Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Total Population


Population Density Population Density This is the number of people per square mile in a neighborhood.


Median Age

45.59 / 54.63%

Men vs Women

Population by Age Group


0-9 Years


10-17 Years


18-24 Years


25-64 Years


65-74 Years


75+ Years

Education Level

  • Less Than 9th Grade
  • High School Degree
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Graduate Degree

Total Households


Average Household Size


Average individual Income

Households with Children

With Children:

Without Children:

Marital Status


Blue vs White Collar Workers

Blue Collar:

White Collar:

Commute Time

0 to 14 Minutes
15 to 29 Minutes
30 to 59 Minutes
60+ Minutes

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